Slowly Busy

The faster my world spins, the slower I need to be.

Slow down the moments.  Take in every smell, every sight.  Make sure I am letting God direct every precious conversation…

I am a busy woman.  Not the busiest woman I know, but busy nonetheless.  Once in a while I will feel someone trying to place guilt on me for my full-schedule, and, every time, I go to Jesus and make sure He is okay with everything I am doing.  

 . . .

Recently, someone asked me what it looks like to be all-in for Jesus.

My mind instantly pictured me in an empty sun-filled room. Alone.  By myself in the silence.  Meditating on God for hours. Studying His word.

Then, like the sound of a record being stopped mid-song, God said to me, “For real? No way.”

That’s not what being all-in looks like.  Although that picture of solitude is peaceful, and sometimes we need some of that, we cannot linger in those places. We were made for life. For relationships with people.

Reading in Mark lately shows me that Jesus was always on the go, always moving, always befriending others.  He was not holed-up in some remote place.  He was reclining at a table with tax-collectors and sinners.  

So when I am tempted to feel like I cannot be as devoted to Jesus as I could be if I had more free time, I will remember the example that my Lord set for me.

Yes, He got away to rest when he needed it.  Yes, He woke early in the morning to be alone and pray.  But.  Mostly he was all about being with people – specifically people who wanted to hear His gospel.  In the same way, I attempt to make time for rest, and to wake before my family to pray in the solitude of morning — but I am looking for ways throughout my busy days to connect with peopleMay I never be too rushed to connect. May I ever be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s direction in my days.

My husband is such a great modern-day example of this for me.   He has a way of striking up conversations with just about anyone, and getting them to open up to him.  He is a bright light of encouragement as he travels through his work-day.

In my introverted brain, I used to struggle a bit at figuring out how to shine Christ’s light. But I realize that God didn’t intend this to be a struggle. That me just being me (because Jesus is shaping my life)  is exactly how He wants to use me.   Being the shy type may mean I don’t always see how my life touches others, and so I must trust . . .  that God knows what He is doing, and He can work out the details.

And so I will slow down in my fast life, to cherish the moments, but I will not be jumping off the ride anytime soon.




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