“Go Into All the World and Make Social-Justice-Minded Republicans”

Or not.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well as Inauguration Day for President Obama.  Naturally, people have politics on the brain.

I always do a double take when Christians start talking about politics.   It confuses me.   Why are they putting their energy and focus on the wrong thing?  I whole-heartedly believe that we Christians are not supposed to be having long political discussions.   Did Jesus do it?  Did he bicker or soap-box or coat political issues with Christian lingo? No. Then I will not do it.

When Christ walked the Earth, people wanted him to be political. They wanted him to sit on an earthly throne and make earthly rulings.  But Jesus saw the bigger picture, the higher priority.  And our task? Our task on this Earth is to do the work of Christ and greater.  Above all, we should be preaching salvation and making disciples — with the side jobs of healing the sick, casting out demons, and feeding the needy. I guess what I’m saying is, if you want to talk politics, I’m not your girl.  But sign me up to be part of a healing crusade marked with salvations.

Jesus did not complain about taxes. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but give to God what is God’s.  I will not complain about taxes.   I know that no matter where I live, no matter what taxes I have to pay, or what sort of political party sits on the throne….it is simply my job my honor to preach Jesus and Him crucified.

Indulge me with a little game of What If….

What if, instead of telling someone that they (or their beliefs) are immoral, you showed them love and befriended them? What if you asked if there was something they needed prayer for?  What if you prayed for them in Jesus name, and they felt His power instead of feeling judged by yet another Christian?

What if, instead of arguing and whining about gun control, we went out and mentored young people with the love of Christ?   Guns or no guns, there are bigger issues at hand, folks.

What if Christians everywhere made their main daily priority to see people come to salvation? Can you imagine? I am speaking to myself here. My self-centered, I-am-too-shy self.

When believers start acting like believers, politics will change on their own.  When I give up my comfort. When I give up materialism and status quo. When I give up my agenda and political opinions (yes, I have them.)  When I give up trying to please myself, or make myself look good… and when I start realizing the fullness of what God wants for me…. Wow. Can you see it?  I have been so convicted lately about these backwards priorities of mine.  My eyes are being opened to the contrast of how I am living and how Christians are supposed to live as displayed in the book of Acts- bold and different.  I am newly aware of the indifference I feel toward strangers I pass on the street.  My heart is being squeezed and shaped, and I don’t want to stop it.  Go ahead, Lord.  Make me a freak for you.

I want the church in America to look more like the church in China. They are experiencing radical growth and miracles in their house churches.  They memorize entire books of the bible. They tell everyone they know their good news.  They meet to worship for two hours every morning and every evening. They spend all day Saturday listening to sermons. They forfeit their comfort, sleep, and political ease, and receive in return the unspeakable joy of the Lord.  They don’t even pray for new Christian-friendly government! They don’t pray for the persecution to stop – because they are too busy loving God and others and because the persecution is spreading the gospel like wildfire.   All day long, their minds are on heaven, and their lives and churches are blessed because of it.

God wants the hearts of the people. He wants us to remember what it feels like to be so enraptured by His love that we can’t help but be bubbling over with excitement when we think about spending a glorious eternity with him.   He wants us to look around and see the souls that are missing out.  Lord, at the grocery store, at school, at the library, may I be crazy bold and listening to your Holy Spirit, ready to be your voice.

Yes, vote the way the Spirit leads.  Be informed. But please remember to keep it in perspective, remember that God does not belong to a political party.  This country is in the Lord’s hands. Does He not choose our leaders who make the laws?  God is just and we often get the leaders we deserve.  So instead of whining, we should be praying for revival and reaching out with the gospel message as if lives depended on it.  Hmm.

Above preaching for a social justice cause or moral standard, lies the mandate to go into all the world. Make changed people. Because you know what? Changed people will create a changed nation.  Jesus knew that. We won’t have to debate and petition when the world is saved.  Because millions of people truly submitted to the Holy Spirit would bring unheard of revolution.

I am ready.


Yours Truly,

Amy Ellison

Mark 16:15

John 14:12

Luke 20:25


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