A Holy Pause

Leon, Nicaragua

Leon, Nicaragua

I’ve got to be quiet if I want to hear God’s voice.

Got to slow down. Shut up. Hold still. 

I must dig past my feelings: fear, love, pride, hurt, anger.  I don’t want them in the way.  I want to hear His voice alone.

My husband is such an inspiration to me. His faith.  His dreams….  He tells me God doesn’t always call the qualified, but He always qualifies the called.

It’s an overused saying, he says.

But I like it. 

I wonder what it feels like to be qualified.  What it feels like to truly be called.  Probably not the way I think it feels. 

So I’ll sit here in silence a little longer, hanging on His every word.  

Because I need every drop of Him that I can get.  


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