Looking Up

Yesterday I wrote about hearts that ache – specifically how I am in awe of God and his massive never-ending heart ache.

I want to clarify that my feelings yesterday were nothing out of the ordinary. People who care about others will always have a degree of heart ache.

The mother aches for her child to find happiness.

The teacher aches for her students to discover the love of learning.

We ache for those who are sick or have lost their way.

I am not depressed. In fact I was no more sad yesterday than I am on any other day. I smiled a lot yesterday. I laughed some good deep belly laughs. Please, no worry or pity is needed here. No one in my life is going through what I would determine to be circumstances that are unusually hard. The truth is that life is stinking hard.  It is messy.  People have struggles – troubles that can help them learn and grow, or cause them to stumble.  But troubles are a constant in life.  And because I love people, these ordinary people with ordinary troubles, when I pray, I can feel a small portion of their stress or pain. That is all it was yesterday. Perhaps I am more emotional than other people, but for me, crying on behalf of other people is something I do on a regular basis.  It doesn’t cripple me, it makes me feel better. Anyway….

Jesus promised that in this world we will have trouble. And He reminded us to take heart because He has overcome the World. That is how I can be empathetic to my friends who are in hard times and not be depressed.  He has overcome the world. There is an end to it all that lies ahead.  Yes, I have moments of weeping for my loved ones, but it does not leave me moping about all day because my confidence is in Christ, not my friend’s ability to overcome. None of us is strong enough to overcome every battle.  But God is.

Thank you, friends, for your concern. I know it comes only from a place of love.  I promise if I need anything, or know anyone who does, I will ask.


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