I was made for summer vacation . . . late mornings and my children making pancakes. Neighborhood kids run through my house and yard all day long – playing capture the flag and having epic water fights. Lunch at 2. Dinner at 7.  Stories on the sofa . . .  then more screaming and laughter, puddles and threats. My very own 8 o’clock bath still lit up with sunshine.  And then making them go read in bed at 9:30… so we can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

At the end of this day, I crawl into bed with my love and stroke his wonderfully scratchy face, and ask him how he is doing. We talk about life . . . and I pray . . .

May God continue to lead and guide us every step

May we never judge what we do not understand

May His church be full of forgiveness and unity

May our words ever be full of grace

May our hearts be bold to hear

His Kingdom come

His will be done.

And I am unraveled again in the knowledge of Him.

His incomprehensible goodness. His perfect ways.

I am undone at the thought that I am enough for Him, and He is pleased with my worship.

Indeed, the great distance He has brought me thus far, gives me incredible hope for the journey that lays ahead.



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